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Picture of Cindy Dachuk, Chief Furniture Artist at Queen Bee Creations
Chief Furniture Artist – Cindy Dachuk

Feel free to scroll through our recent blog posts for a little information or inspiration, check out what`s currently available to make your own or simply take a look at all the past pieces that have been updated, refreshed and re-homed.

I can`t say that I have a specific painting style, each piece speaks to me differently requiring a different paint or treatment for its own unique look.  Of course I have a laundry list of `looks` I`m dying to recreate, techniques I`m excited to try so those certainly influence my choices.  Sometimes it`s clean and elegant, sometimes funky. Sometimes I`m in the mood for stripes or for softer blended looks.  Whatever the inspiration the result is the same – a unique, creative and well-crafted paint treatment guaranteed to add a special touch to your home.

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