And So It Begins…

Every beautiful piece of re-finished furniture often has a little less-than perfect start.  The small dresser pictured here is no exception.  Often these rescued pieces have been sitting in someone’s dry and dusty attic, basement, garage, storage shed or even barn collecting dust and drying out.

Early Days…

Your furniture needs a little love at times!  (don’t we all?)

This piece had become so dry that the furniture glue had separated and cracked, needing a little bit of attention.  Furniture love y’all!

That all said and done though it is going to be a cute little piece once finished.  Now the hard part begins though… so many possibilities of just ‘what’ it wants to become.  A sedate little traditional lady in soft shades of grey or cream? A little more flamboyant in reds and golds?  What about stencilling?  Decoupage?  Maybe some metallics?

This is what goes on in my head each and every piece, each and every time.  For me it’s always a toss up  between new colours, techniques and paints I want to try balanced against a ‘look’ that seems to fit the piece best.

Stay tuned to see the direction I take… but I’m open to your thoughts and input.  And bribes…  a little chocolate goes a long way in swaying my vote!









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