And… the Ending

After all of the repairs and experimentations this is the completed mini dresser.  Painted SmBlk5DrwrFull1in a rich Charcoal and lightly glazed overall with a lovely Copper wax, the bottom is the interesting feature.  To complete this look I flipped the dresser upside down to allow for the paint colours to ‘move’.  In this case… gravity is your friend.  Not so much for me as I age, but great for paint!

Three different colours of blues were used along with Bronze and Copper coloured paints.  Many were applied with syringes to help create drips of paint that flowed down the piece.  If you’re giving this technique a go just pick up some of the syringes used to give medicine to young children, no needles required!  Ensure that you add some water to your paint to thin it down just enough for it to flow easily through the syringe.

A spray bottle of paint that had been watered down even more was also used to create movement where the paint decided to be a little more ‘sluggish’ than I wanted.  In all…  I created a great mess  but had a lot of fun and enjoyed the final look and feel of the piece.  Others must have agreed because the piece sold the same day it was listed!


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