Xmas Craft

These little ornaments were a quick last minute craft idea conjured up out of my

desperation to paint… something!  Getting ready for the holidays means less time and less space available for me to work on a full piece of furniture so I decided to play!

The appliques were all made by pressing Paper Clay into a mould. For my samples I was using some moulds from Iron Orchid Designs though you can certainly use any that you happen to have.

The nice thing about the paper clay is that you can unmold and then immediately glue the applique onto furniture or, as in this case, to your ornaments.  Because it has not hardened it is soft and pliable, allowing you to shape it to the contours of your bulb or even around the corners of a dresser!

To glue it in place you can use a strong adhesive like an E6000 but I used a carpenter’s glue – which worked just fine.  Once dry I painted with multiple layers of chalk paint, different coloured waxes for detailing and then used some metallic waxes to highlight.

Once you have the look you want coat them in a polycrylic to seal.  And… done.  Perfect for your tree or for gift-giving!  Next year I’ll think of this much sooner and maybe cobble together a video tutorial for those of you struggling to visualize the process from my description!


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