Feeling a little Blue in the New Year?

DIYConsoleMainYellThis is the first time that I have used Debbie Design Diaries clay-based DIY chalk paint and I have to say that I loved every minute of using it.  I based this piece off of the work and tutorials of the awesome Turquoise Iris, Dionne Woods.  If you haven’t seen her work check her out through the links – she does some beautiful things with paint!

What I particularly enjoyed was the ability to blend and work the paint, allowing the colours to merge and blend seamlessly.  Spritzing it occasionally with water brought the paint back to life and gave me more opportunities to add in other colours (like the pink in this case) and merge them with what was already there.

I forgot to take a picture of the piece in its natural ‘brown’ state, but I started with an all over base coat in a cream.  For this I just used a chalk paint that I had on hand… you don’t end up seeing much of it at all, just a little here and there in the distressing.


Once the base coat was dry the fun began, with opening up the tins of the DIY paint.  These are heavily pigmented clay based paints that have a richness and depth of colour that I haven’t experienced in other paints which makes them fantastic for layering.

I worked one panel at a time, layering the brighter Mermaid Tale in first (into the center of the doors) and then adding the Bohemian Blue around each.  I worked one door panel at a time so that I could work the paint while still wet, allowing me to blend the colours better.  If anything got a little too stiff or dry to work with I just used my water bottle to spritz on more water to reactivate the paint.


Because I wasn’t fully familiar with the look of the paint I let it dry and then went back in and added more of either blue to the areas that it was lacking a little but, apart from this, that first coat covered everything beautifully.

I then added little touches of Kissing Booth, a rich deep pink shade, to corners and areas for highlight and contrast. This really added a subtle dimension to the piece that I loved.  This is purely thanks to Dionne Woods for her inspirational colour combinations.  This pic shows you clearly the addition of the pink which is soft but adds an additional note to the piece, bringing it a little more character.

The final step (before waxing and buffing the whole piece) was to add small little touches of gold gilding paste to strategic areas to bring a little brightness here and there.

And… finally with a few gold touches

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