Blushing Tidepool…

Blush Green Stp1

Blush Green Main WMHave you ever started something with a clear vision of where you wanted to take it only to have to scrap that and let it vision lead?  That’s what happened with this piece.  It started life as a somewhat clunky and heavy looking old farmhouse dresser, complete with all the requisite spider-sacs (yuk!) and accumulated grime.  After a thorough scrubbing down we were ready to start.

Blush Green Stp2

The first step (after the removal of the hideous mis-matched old hardware and filling and sanding 3 other hardware holes) was to paint it in a base coat.  For this piece I was using Debbie’s Design Diaries DIY clay-based paint because I was interested in creating a blended paint finish.  For the base I used her Cowgirl Coral.  Note that you’re not after full coverage here, just slap some on!

The next phase was to apply more Coral to the center of the drawers and side panels and to paint Mermaid Tail (a luscious turquoisey blue) around the outer edges, blending the two where they overlapped.  Okay, so this is where things started to go a little off-plan.  The blend of the two colours looks kind of muddied and flat. And yes, I know, I should have test blended the two before painting on the furniture but, well, I just don’t really roll that way.

So, to perk things up a little I put Bohemian Blue in touches around the edges, blending it in.  It helped.  I waxed and buffed and… hated it.  It just looked a little flat. No real excitement, no zing!

Blush Green Stp3

Which, of course, that meant I just let it sit for days, okay, a week, staring at it and mulling it over.  It wasn’t all bad. There were some great looking sections!

Blush Green Stp4

Next steps then were to brighten a few sections up with some Seaglass (a lighter turquoise) and to add green.  Not just any green though, a lovely bluey green that I made by mixing relatively even parts of Bohemian Blue and Queen Bee (a golden yellow). I didn’t want solid swaths of this colour, I wanted it to float across the blues, almost like fronds of seaweed drifting with the current.  Since the piece had been waxed the paint was able to flow more readily across the surface, which was also aided with some judicious spritzing of water from my spray bottle.

The result?  LOVED it!  More waxing, more buffing, new hardware and… call it done! I love the look of this piece. The colours remind me of the blush of colour from dawn hitting the water and highlighting some of the green of the seaweed and lily pads.


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