The Update…

So… you saw the before… I wanted to share with you the after!

I tell you, working on these two big pieces at once is crazy!  I had the buffet in the middle of the living room and the huge wardrobe in my office!  Both of them on the go meant that I was tip-toeing around drawers stacked everywhere, paint brushes out drying, paint containers stacked around with the colours that were ‘in use’…!!!

Now the craziness is finding a place to store them in the house (far too large to simply tuck off into a corner somewhere) while I start work on other items!  Oh to have a workshop!  I’m sure my husband has the same thought as I pull out tarps and start shifting furniture yet again!

However… check them out…  totally worth the aggravation!

Blues Buffet WM


Wardrobe WM

and… the inside of this wardrobe, which is all cedar-lined!

Wardrobe Drs Opn.jpg







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