Gettin’ Over the Blues

It seems like everything I’ve been painting lately was in various shades of blue so, to get over the doldrums of yet more snow, I give you this sunny little piece!

YellowBlueCherry Main WM

This is an old farmhouse dresser I purchased from a young woman whose grandfather had it originally.  It was in a little rough shape when I bought it… the bottom two drawers had holes in them from wear on drawer stoppers that had been inserted on the front edge of the cross bars.  This meant that every time the drawers were opened or closed the drawer bottoms would rub on the stopper, wearing away more and more of the wood.  Over time this left big holes that were simply covered over with paper to make the drawers functional.

I am all for leaving things as original as possible but this required a little more intervention and so the drawer bottoms were replaced.  The piece was painted in a cheerful sunny yellow, with blue-grey cherry blossoms (artistic license used here… don’t go looking for blue cherry blossoms in the ‘wild’!) and then white washed for a light, soft, dreamy feel.  Waxed for protection and ’cause I love the feel of it!

Super cute and its now got me wishing for spring!


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