Seeing Green?

The weather here in Ontario Canada has been crazy this winter.  Cold, frozen and snowy SpringFling WMone day and the next it`s almost balmy, feeling like spring.  This piece is an ode to that feeling, short-lived though it has been as winter rears up once again.

This is a two-piece little hutch, a bit on the petite size, standing only 66 inches tall.  It was base coated in a smooth cream before applying two shades of green (DIY Fancy Farmgirl and Mint Chip) with touches of Bohemian Blue for contrast.

I had originally intended adding some additional layers of colour but ending up falling in love with it as it was.  So…  poly added for protection.  The knobs were original to piece, just needed to be updated to black, but the bottom three handles were mismatched (and extra holes added that needed patching originally.  I think that the farmhouse pulls suit this piece perfectly!

And… as a side note, check out the tall pink blossom and artichokes that I picked up from Reclaimed Warehouse on my recent trip to Oklahoma city.  Aren’t they gorgeous?

How are you feeling about adding a little green to your life?



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