Breaking in the Metallics

I have used gold on a number of pieces…  in stripes, in edgings and trim, accenting legs and other decorative items.  I have even used copper.  I don’t know why I have never used silver but that all ended with this piece!

Eminence Paint

I wasn’t sure what I was really going to do with this Thomasville desk when I first got it but I knew that I wanted to use a new colour (and different paint line) that I had just gotten.  It’s called Eminence from Aspire – a Mineral Paint.  Honestly… I had never heard of the paint before but when someone is offering you a major deal on new paints you jump right in!  Okay, so I jump right in but you’d be there with me… right?

Check out this colour!  Looks more blue in the can, goes on more purple on the piece.  However, after a couple of coats of dry-brushed silver over top (I used Rustoleum Metal Accents in Silver) it looked like a rich blue again.  Beyond cool!

2018-03-02 13.18.18

I specifically dry brushed the first coat of silver in one direction, let it dry and then dry brushed a second coat of silver in the opposite direction almost in a cross-hatch pattern.  I thought it would add a little more texture and dimension to the piece and…  this time… I was right!  (love that when it happens but I’ve learned to expect anything other than what’s goin’ on in my head!) I specifically used a chip brush for this technique because I wanted a random, rough, staggered effect with the paint, not a nice, smooth coat. The uneven bristles of the chip brush helped this effect (and they are super cheap!)

I clear waxed everything but then used black wax in strategic spots (think corners, bottom of legs, etc. to add a little more depth.  New silver and crystal knobs for the drawer and…  here you have her!

Right now I’m loving this look and am already envisioning some other possibilities.  Stay tuned for those but tell me what you think of this one…!!


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