Feeling a little Rusty!

I had been seeing pieces being completed with a rust finish and wanted to give it a try.  I had tried doing some of the oxidized metallic finishes in the past and, I must admit, found them a little challenging.  The spray would created marks and runs in the finish where I didn’t want them, the fact you have to layer the primer, metallic paint and then the oxidizing spray meant it wasn’t actually as ‘organic’ a process as I was after… yada, yada, yada.

All that to say…  I sucked at it!  But… why let that stop you, right?

So, I picked up a Modern Masters metallic rust kit and… set to work.  I had thought that to avoid the overspray on my finished paint I would just base coat the pieces (two side tables) and then do the rust finish, and then final coat around them, wiping back over the rust as needed.

Wrong!  Don’t do this!  The rust looked great but… you can’t wipe paint back off of it, it’s too rough a surface, and painting around the rust is… yes… a PAIN!  I have plans and ideas how I can achieve the original look I was after in the future but…  how to rescue these?

First…  let go of the thought of what I was going for and re-work the plan.  Sticking with the original plan meant I had screwed up – big time!  Re-working the plan meant that the tables had thoughts of their own and I just needed to work to their plan.  So…pull out a little charcoal paint, cover up the layers of turquoise and bronze, heavily distress to reveal the colours and textures below, while leaving the rust exposed.

These pieces have become a happy accident.  I would never have gotten to this look on my own, it needed to have its own convoluted little journey – along with a sleepless night or two mulling over possibilities!  I have to say that I love the organic look and feel of them. There is a lot of texture and movement happening here that is intriguing to experience.

They won’t be for everyone but they will certainly be the perfect fit for someone.  In the meantime, as with all my pieces, I get to call them mine!


One thought on “Feeling a little Rusty!

  1. I have to say I was a little bit unsure of the look you were trying to get especially in the early stages but they did turn out great. Good job!

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