Periwinkle Painted Chair

A bright and cheerful periwinkle blue chair. If you followed any of the ‘lives’ when I painted this piece you know that the wood AND the fabric got painted! It’s a nice, comfortable chair with lots of life left in it!
Size: 38” high, 31.5” wide, 32” deep
Price: $155.00
Cedar Lined Cabinet

 A lovely cedar lined upper cabinet with two full drawers below. It has been updated with lots of layered colours… soft greens, corals, pale blue and a hint of a burgundy beneath washes of darker hued greens and blue. The finishing touch was a final soft grey to seal and lighten the finish.
Size: 38” wide, 17” deep, 55.25” tall.
Price: $395.00

Note: I feel that the overall look of the final blue and green washes is a little darker than the photos represent… at least to my eye
Floral Baby Cradle

I don’t typically do soft, or pretty, or cute.. but… there’s this! I kept it simple but just had to add a few embellishments of my own, in the form of these hand molded bell orchids, in greens, corals and soft butter yellow. The colours were muted with a soft and hazy application of white wax. It is now truly a one of a kind piece fitting for that new addition.
Size… 39” long, 30” wide, edge to edge at the rockers, 35” to the top of the spindles
Price… $175.00
Whimsical Vintage Desk

A lovely little vintage desk… all finished in a soft custom mixed lavender, accented with black and gold. Stripes and checks and even some dots bring character and a touch of whimsy to this piece.
Size: 45.5″ wide, 17.75″ deep, 28.25″ tall
Price: $275.00
Coffee Cup/Towel Rack

A fun little addition to your kitchen coffee nook – a cup and tea towel holder to display your favourite mugs (holds 11). Made out of a chair back (I hate to get rid of anything!!!), this has been painted an old aged white, distressed, stencilled, waxed and buffed! Dowels were added for tea towels… cute! Just what you never knew you needed!
Size: 15″ wide, 4.5″ deep, 37.5″ tall
Price: $75.00
Le Jardin Side Table

This is such an adorable little French Country side table… finished in a soft Buttermilk Cream and Homestead Blue, topped with a french stencil. It has been distressed to soften and age the lines and sealed for protection. This is a cute and fun little piece!
Size: 24″ long, 13.75″ deep, 26.25″ tall
Price: $110.00

Stunning Antique Cabinet

So excited to share this piece… I’m in love! A large antique cabinet with all original carvings and mouldings. Three dove-tailed drawers and a large storage cabinet with a single shelf throughout. It has been finished with multiple soft greys (that are on the blue-tone side, not brown-grey), distressed and detailed with aging glazes and waxes. The original hardware was also kept – fits the piece so well! A lot of work and a whole lotta love in this piece!
Size: 56.5″ wide, 21.75 deep, 42.75`tall
Price: $745.00
Bronze Scrollwork Tallboy

Elegant and distinctive with a little rustic charm… this 5 drawer tallboy dresser! This has been finished in black and bronze. The final coat of black has been distressed back to reveal the bronze coating beneath, while the raised stencils on the drawer fronts have received a dry brushed layer of bronze on the raised surface, highlighting the details of the stenciling. Simple, classic, elegant, though still slightly and comfortably rustic.
Size: 31″ wide, 18″ deep, 47.25″ tall
Price: $225.00
Farmhouse Cabinet

A cute little pine cabinet, finished in an old white finish, layered over and distressed back to the black lying beneath, for a farmhouse look. It has been finished with an old Seed company transfer and waxed and buffed smooth. (one internal shelf) Super cute!
Size: 21″ wide, 12″ deep, 28.75″ tall to the table top. Add another 2″ to the top of the raised backing.
Price: $155.00
Vintage Two-Piece Display Cabinet

A lovely vintage two piece display cabinet, finished in pinks and corals and accented with a beautiful lichen green. The wood on the inside was in great shape and was therefore oiled and left natural. I love this combination! The single drawer is full width and slides easily.
Size: 36.5” wide, 14.25” deep, 65.25” tall (these are the dimensions of the two pieces in total, when stacked together as in the photo)
Price: $345.00
MCM Two-tone Dresser

This Mid-Century Modern style tallboy (5 drawers) has such clean lines. It has been finished in a rich Homestead blue and a creamy Celery green, which I love together… so fresh looking! New hardware, in silver, has been added to give a nice, crisp, updated look to this beauty. Clean and classic lines in a crisp and fresh finish.
Size: 34″ wide, 19″ deep, 40.5″ tall
Price: $245.00